Reserve a Study Room

PHPL has five study rooms available for use. One has a computer with a scanner and laser printer. Three of the rooms are available for quiet study or group work for 1-2 people. The larger group study room is meant for quiet study, discussion, or for a small meeting of up to 6 persons.

Study rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance or used on a first-come, first served basis if not reserved. They may be reserved for up to 90 minutes per day, and use may continue beyond that limit if no one else needs the room at that time. The total reserved use of the study rooms in a calendar day for use by an individual may not exceed 90 minutes. A group of two or more people may also reserve the rooms for not more than 90 minutes in a day; multiple members of the group may not make reservations in their own names for the group in order to gain more than 90 minutes of reserved time for the group

Call the Adult Reference Desk at 262-246-5181 to reserve a study room up to one week in advance. See the library’s Study Room Policy for more information on rules and restrictions.

Printing and Copying

Printing charges for all computers are 10¢ per page for black & white. Color printing from a USB drive (files must be in PDF or JPEG format) is available from the copier (50¢ per page). USB drives are also available for purchase.