What Is Early Literacy?

Early Literacy can be thought of as “pre-reading skills.” These skills make it easier for kids to learn to read when the time comes, and help them to succeed as they learn and grow. How can you help your child to develop these skills? Talk, sing, read, write, and play! These are the simple early literacy practices recommended by experts, based upon up-to-the-minute brain research.

There are many other ways to support children as they learn to read (and beyond). One of the easiest is to visit your Library! Find fun events that foster a love of reading and learning at our children’s events page. Traditionally we offer interactive areas around the department that are specially designed to foster literacy through play. (During the time of Covid 19 restrictions these areas are unavailable.)

Learn More About Child Development and Reading

Wisconsin is growing readers! Visit the website of Growing Wisconsin Readers for information about doing the best for your child’s reading development.

Learn about early literacy, starting at birth:

Learn more about libraries and the role they play in early literacy:

Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play: How Libraries Reach Kids Before They Can Read


What an exciting time are these early years! We are always on the lookout for excellent resources to share. Thank you to our colleagues at the Johnson County Public Library system in Johnson County, Indiana, who have summarized the storytime experience perfectly here, and also created a free downloadable 11-page booklet entitled First Teacher: a Mom’s Guide to Helping Your Little One Learn.