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Why the Pauline Haass Public Library Foundation Exists

The Pauline Haass Public Library (PHPL) Foundation is a citizen advocacy organization that exists to provide supplemental funding for educational and cultural projects, equipment, or startup services that are beyond the scope of the municipality-financed PHPL budget.

Who the PHPL Foundation Serves

The Foundation serves the citizens of Sussex and the surrounding area through the services provided by the Pauline Haass Public Library.

What the PHPL Foundation Does

The Foundation seeks donations from private and corporate citizens, reviews performance of existing investments, and grants PHPL requests for qualifying projects.

Over $220,000 In Foundation Grants Have Been Awarded Since 1996 Including:

  • Digital signage throughout the library building
  • Grow Strong Readers early literacy programs and equipment
  • Landscaping for the Anhalt Memorial Garden
  • Circulating WiFi hotspots
  • Project BEE: making Browsing Easier for Everyone
  • Connect! Play! Explore! children’s computer and activity center
  • Redesign of website
  • 2010 Speaker series
  • Rosetta Stone software and hardware
  • Library space needs study
  • Automated external defibrillator
  • Electrical wiring costs associated with rearrangement of the public computer terminals
  • Start up costs for e-mail notification to customers
  • Internet time management software for public terminals
  • Library membership in the CAFÉ consortium
  • Wireless Internet access for the public
  • Acquisition of additional computers
  • Web-accessible library catalog through the purchase of a server and software
  • Funding for a multi-year upgrading and replacement plan for computer equipment
  • Equipment for meeting rooms, public areas, and staff work spaces
  • Free Internet workshops for citizens
  • Purchase of all of the library’s public computers in the new building, including automation consultation, installation, cabling, software, and staff training

Donate Now!

Download the Contribution Form (PDF file).

Make your check payable to PHPL Foundation.

Mail to (or drop off at the library’s checkout desk):

Pauline Haass Public Library Foundation
N64W23820 Main Street
Sussex, WI 53089

How You Can Contribute:

The Pauline Haass Public Library Foundation is a non-profit organization and your gifts to it are tax-deductible. While the typical donation is an outright gift, more substantial amounts may be structured in a number of ways that may increase your tax benefits or enhance the effectiveness of your grant.

  • Outright Gift or Year-End Giving: By making charitable gifts during your lifetime, you can take maximum advantage of the charitable deduction on your income tax return. Lifetime gifts can also reduce the size of your estate and allow you to see the money put to immediate use. You can also designate a gift for a specific project or program to enhance the Library’s service to the community.

Giving long-term appreciated stock to the Library Foundation gives you two tax savings. First, you can avoid paying any capital gains on the increase in value of your stock. Second, you receive a tax deduction for the full present value of the stock.

  • Memorial Gifts:
    When a relative or friend dies and the family asks that you make a contribution to a charity of choice, it is sometimes hard to decide which charity should receive the gift. A gift to the Foundation solves the problem, and the family of the person you are remembering will be informed of the gift.
  • By Will or Trust:
    You may choose to leave a portion of your estate to the Foundation by naming it in your will or trust.  Such a gift may substantially reduce the amount of tax due on your estate. You can specify a dollar amount, a particular block of appreciated stock, or a percentage of your estate.You could also consider using a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT), using a portion of your estate as a gift, which would also give you or a spouse an income stream for life.
  • Life Insurance:
    If you make the Library Foundation the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, your annual premium is tax-deductible. The cash surrender value of an existing policy is also tax-deductible.If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, consider it as a perfect vehicle for a charitable gift. Simply name the Library Foundation as both the owner and beneficiary of the policy.
  • Other Forms of Giving:
    Talk to your attorney or tax advisor about other ways that you may be able to benefit the Library Foundation with your generosity and at the same time realize tax savings for yourself or your heirs.

Contact Us

To learn more about how the Foundation supports community enrichment through enhanced library services, to learn more about tax-deductible giving, or to learn how you can play a role in the Foundation’s work, contact us at:

Pauline Haass Public Library Foundation
N64 W23820 Main Street
Sussex, Wisconsin 53089

George Arnold, President  (262) 415-8884

Email us at