The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional items that supports creativity, lifelong learning, and social connection.  Along with offering fun and inspiration, the Library of Things is a great way to “try before you buy.” Save your money (and the space in your closets) while still exploring hobbies and learning new things with this collection. Most items can be placed on hold and renewed if they do not have a waitlist.

As always, we welcome your feedback; send us your suggestions for items to add! Email us at


ImageItemLoan PeriodCategory
explore passesExplore Passes (non-holdable)

Sponsored by Lannon Stone, Waukesha State Bank,
and the Friends of Pauline Haass Public Library
3 DaysExplore Passes
hideandseekpalsHide & Seek Pals1 WeekChildren's
magnatilesMagna-Tiles1 WeekChildren's
tonieboxToniebox Sets Tonies1 WeekChildren's
beehive baking panBeehive Baking Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
bundtlette mini panBundtlette Mini Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
charlottle cake panCharlotte Cake Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
heritage budnt panHeritage Bundt Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
scottish scone and cornbread baking panScottish Scone & Cornbread Baking Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
snowflake cake panSnowflake Cake Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
snowflake cake panSnowflake Cakelet Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
tiered heart panTiered Heart Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
vintage star panVintage Star Pan 1 WeekCake Pans
bocce ballBocce Ball

1 WeekYard Games
disc golf setDisc Golf Set

1 WeekYard Games
Cornhole Toss

1 WeekYard Games
giant checkersGiant Checkers & Tic Tac Toe

1 WeekYard Games

1 WeekYard Games
ladder tossLadder Toss

1 WeekYard Games
pickleball setPickleball Set

1 WeekYard Games

1 WeekYard Games
yardzeeYardzee & Farkle Giant Dice Set

1 WeekYard Games
azulAzul1 WeekBoard Games
calicoCalico1 WeekBoard Games
codenamesCodenames1 WeekBoard Games
exploding kittensExploding Kittens1 WeekBoard Games
exploding kittens: recipes for disasterExploding Kittens: Recipes for Disaster1 WeekBoard Games
harry potter trivial pursuitHarry Potter Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Edition1 WeekBoard Games
kingdominoKingdomino1 WeekBoard Games
lanternsLanterns1 WeekBoard Games
ocean labyrinthOcean Labyrinth1 WeekBoard Games
patchworkPatchwork1 WeekBoard Games
pandemicPandemic1 WeekBoard Games
sagradaSagrada1 WeekBoard Games
settlers of catanSettlers of Catan1 WeekBoard Games
Settlers of Catan: Settlers of America- Trails to RailsSettlers of Catan: Settlers of America- Trails to Rails1 WeekBoard Games
sushi go partySushi Go Party1 WeekBoard Games
taco cat goat cheese pizzaTaco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza1 WeekBoard Games
ticket to rideTicket to Ride1 WeekBoard Games
ticket to ride europeTicket to Ride Europe1 WeekBoard Games
trekking the national parksTrekking the National Parks1 WeekBoard Games
electric knife sharpenerElectric Knife Sharpener1 WeekKitchen Appliances
ice cream makerIce Cream Maker1 WeekKitchen Appliances
electric knife sharpenerPasta Maker1 WeekKitchen Appliances
spiralizerSpiralizer1 WeekKitchen Appliances
waffle cone makerWaffle Cone Maker1 WeekKitchen Appliances
wifi hotspotWifi Hotspot1 WeekTechnology
wifi hotspotLucky Day/Browsing Wifi Hotspot (non-holdable)2 WeeksTechnology