Firsties is a reading initiative for first graders at the public elementary schools in the Hamilton School District. This special program is built for budding readers and their families to help foster a love for reading and make the public library a destination for regular family visits. Firsties consists of fun monthly videos viewed at school (in library class, homeroom, or both!) that provide fun knowledge about our public library children’s department and invite the kids to visit the library with their families. Each video reveals a secret code word that earns a small prize for visiting the library that month. A friendly competition between elementary schools determines which school accumulates the most library visits!

All information about Firsties is available on your child’s school library website:

Maple Avenue Elementary

Marcy Elementary

Lannon Elementary

Woodside Elementary

If you have a Firstie in your family and have further questions, contact the Pauline Haass Public Library Youth Services desk at (262)246-5182.

You can also view our monthly videos and learn the secret code word of the month here!


The Firsties initiative has been funded by The Friends of the Pauline Haass Public Library. Thank you, Friends!

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