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Kathy Klager is Director of the Pauline Haass Public Library

Kathy Klager, Library DirectorPHPL has both a vision and a mission.  Our vision (that far-reaching goal) is to be a leader, providing innovative library services to encourage lifelong learning and enrich our community.  The mission (what we do) is to promote literacy, and connect people to information, ideas, and one another in a vibrant, welcoming environment.  It all sounds very nice, but what does it mean?  Let me pull out a few key words and phrases for you, starting with “enrich our community.”  That (and the promise of some really good steel-cut oatmeal with fruit and nuts) is the part that gets me out of bed every morning.  What better job could a person ask for?  At PHPL, we try to do all we can to make the lives of our residents better, easier, and more interesting.  By doing so, we hope to make the community a richer place for all. 

A public library today is probably much different from the quiet place that you remember from your childhood.  For one thing, the library is no longer just a place.  You know that, because you’ve found this website,  I hope you will visit it regularly.  It changes frequently, and includes a Google calendar from which you can transfer reminders about upcoming events. 

“...connect people to information, ideas, and one another...” is a major phrase in this library’s mission.  You’ll notice it doesn’t say we provide access.  That’s too passive; we strive to put information and ideas in front of you, to reach out and say “Hey, you might be interested in this!”  So, at PHPL, you will see lots of displays and hear staff members telling you about something new they think fits your reading patterns.  You’ll also hear some noise.  Connecting people with information and ideas generates excitement; connecting them with one another generates conversation.  Whether people meet in the library’s book clubs, at speaker programs, at children’s events, or during the March art show, they’re connecting with, and learning to care about, one another, which enriches the community.

Connecting people to information also means that you don’t have to know where to find the information.  Leave that to us; just call us, e-mail us, or stop in and ask a question and we’ll try to find an answer for you.  Does your mother need in-home care?  Are your houseplants dying?  Do you need to apply for government benefits?  Are you looking for information about a health condition, a new law, a travel destination?  Do you just not know where to turn to solve a problem?  Call (262) 246-5181 to speak to a librarian about adult issues, and (262) 246-5182 to get information for kids and teens.

We “promote literacy” and that sounds simple.  But we’re talking about all kinds of literacy, not just the ability to read books in English.  We promote cultural literacy by bringing in speakers and making current videos and music available.  We promote technological literacy by offering free personal computer training sessions.  And we promote language literacy by having Rosetta Stone loaded on laptops for use in the library and offering Transparent Languages online.  Of course, we haven’t forgotten reading, and our storytimes introduce children to the rhythms, colors, and stories inherent in reading.

The last part of this library’s mission says that we do all this in “a vibrant, welcoming environment.”  We want you to feel that the library is your other family room, a place you use to relax, to socialize, to play and to learn.  Whether it’s plopping down with a good novel or newspaper near the south windows overlooking the garden,  playing chess or checkers, watching a puppet show that your children put on, researching a new car purchase, learning a language, or web surfing, there’s plenty for you and your family to do here. 

The library is open 7 days a week during the school year.  Sunday hours, 1-4 p.m., are popular times for family visits or last minute homework.  Currently, annual checkouts exceed 321,000 and an average of over 400 people a day use the library building.  Our goal is to give you reasons to be one of them!

Check out our new video "Stories Start Here" at the Pauline Haass Public Library. What's your library story?

For more about the library, explore the website or call us at:

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All sixteen public libraries in Waukesha County have voluntarily joined together to provide a cost effective shared catalog of their resources in a consortium known as CAFÉ, Catalog Access for Everyone. Your library card is valid at all CAFÉ libraries.

PHPL always has a variety of events and classes offered for children and adults.  See our calendar of events for a schedule of exciting offerings! Contact the library at 262-246-5180 for more information about any of the programs featured.

The library’s mission is to promote literacy, and connect people to information, ideas, and one another in a vibrant, welcoming environment.

Pauline Haass Public Library’s vision is to be a leader, providing innovative library services to encourage lifelong learning and enrich our community.

Check out our video "Stories Start Here" at the Pauline Haass Public Library. What's your library story?

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