Kids' Mysteries book coversAll books can be found shelved alphabetically under the author’s last name. (F) indicates the Fiction section; (ER) indicates the Easy Readers section, and (E) indicates the Picture Books section.

The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster by James Preller (F)

Jigsaw’s neighbor, Wingnut, has lost his pet hamster. Can Jigsaw help?

The Cat Who Got Carried Away by Allan Ahlberg (F)

Help the hilarious Gaskitts figure out why their pets are missing.

The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse by Bruce Hale (F)

A chameleon is missing and Chet, a crime-solving gecko, is on the case.

Dog Den Mystery by Darrel & Sally Odgers (F)

Can Jack solve the mystery of his missing squeaker bone, blanket, and old boot?

Ghost Horse by George Edward Stanley (F)

A ghost horse shows up in Emily’s backyard one night.

The Green Ghost by Marion Dane Bauer (F)

A holiday ghost story: Kaye gets stranded in a snowstorm and meets a green ghost.

Horrible Harry and the Locked Closet by Suzy Kline (F)

Class 3B investigates a locked closet that’s been sealed off for years.

Murilla Gorilla, Jungle Detective by Jennifer Lloyd (ER)

Murilla is a quirky, unorganized detective who solves her cases in unexpected ways.

The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds by David Adler (F)

How does Cam “Camera” Jansen’s photographic memory help catch a thief?

The Mystery on Main Street by Lucinda Landon (F)

Meg searches for a lost family heirloom while a holiday storm is looming.

Nate the Great on the Owl Express by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (ER)

Nate takes a train journey while working as a bodyguard for an owl.

November Night by Ron Roy (F)

It’s Thanksgiving and four friends are suspicious of their mysterious new neighbors.

The Pinstripe Ghost by David Kelly (F)

Could Babe Ruth’s ghost be haunting Yankee Stadium?

The Secret of the Painted House by Marion Dane Bauer (F)

The inside walls of a locked playhouse look just like the surrounding woods.